When owners of apartment buildings fail to take measures to keep tenants and visitors safe, they can be held responsible for any harm that results. At Gauntt, Koen, Binney & Kidd, LLP, our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to holding apartment building owners accountable for apartment complex accidents.

Were You Hurt In An Apartment Building?

If you or a loved one has been hurt while living in or visiting an apartment complex, we can help. Our Texas apartment complex accident lawyers handle cases involving:

  • Fires in apartment buildings
  • Assaults in apartment buildings
  • Slip-and-fall accidents in apartment buildings
  • Staircase accidents in apartment buildings
  • Deck collapse in apartment buildings

Perhaps the owner of the apartment complex failed to replace expired fire extinguishers or dead smoke detectors, or the owner allowed fire exits to be blocked. Perhaps the owner failed to replace faulty locks that could have prevented a crime from taking place. Perhaps a staircase or deck was poorly maintained because of the high cost of repair. Owners should be held accountable for risking the safety of renters to protect their bottom lines.

Investigating Apartment Owner Negligence

A thorough investigation is necessary in these premises liability cases. Owners may not be forthcoming in providing maintenance records, inspection records and other documentation. It is possible that the rental property has exchanged hands one or more times over the years, requiring us to investigate past owners as well. Experience has taught us what records we will need and how to find them. We know how to build these challenging cases for success.

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