The Woodlands Mediator

Gauntt, Koen, Binney & Kidd, LLP, offers the services of certified mediators. We are prepared to mediate any civil dispute, either pre- or post-litigation. Our experience allows us to handle mediations of all types, including complex multi-party mediations. We are frequently called upon for mediation services in estate disputes, investment fraud cases, errors and omissions claims, construction disputes, business disputes, insurance disputes and more. In addition to working as mediators with attorneys from other law firms, our law firm also features attorneys who can guide clients through mediation in order to resolve a dispute.

The Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation is among the most common forms of alternative dispute resolution. Its most apparent benefits are the possibility of saving the substantial time and money required to resolve a dispute in front of a judge and jury. Mediation is also valuable for its ability to preserve relationships between disputing parties, relationships that would likely be destroyed if put through a battle in the courtroom. This is particularly important when disputes involve businesses that have worked together for years and could potentially continue to do so.

Mediation is also empowering. Instead of putting the outcome in the hands of a judge and jury, the parties are able to work together. In many cases, our experience and our creativity as mediators allow parties to reach a resolution that is positive for both sides and beyond anything that the typical judge or jury would have offered.

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Contact our attorney via phone at 281-367-6555 or via email. We have multiple conference rooms on 2 different floors, allowing parties to have privacy and plenty of space to confer with their attorney.

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