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Buyers and sellers must make certain that transactions are structured and negotiated in a way that maximizes return and minimizes liability. Accomplishing this requires the attention of an attorney with extensive experience in all aspects of mergers and acquisitions. That business law attorney can be found at Gauntt, Koen, Binney & Kidd, LLP.

From stock sales to asset sales to sales of entire businesses and beyond, we assist our clients in preparing contracts, financing documentation, escrow documentation, escrow accounts and handle all other related matters. When a business comes to us in sale posture, or a buyer comes seeking our guidance, we make certain to first hone in on its goals to make certain that every aspect of the transaction is in line with those goals.

Counseling And Coaching Clients Through Transactions

We take pride in working side by side with our clients. When our mergers and acquisitions attorneys in The Woodlands provide guidance, we explain where this guidance is coming from. Our clients appreciate this personal and educational approach. We frequently provide coaching on negotiation tactics, as they are among the most valuable skills in the realm of business.

We explain representations and warranties. When a business or other assets are sold, there is a litany of promises that go along with it. We make certain that our client understands exactly what each of those promises means, and what the repercussions and options are if there is no follow-through on those promises.

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