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Anyone with a professional license could potentially be the target of an errors and omissions claim, although the majority of these claims occur within the insurance and real estate industries. The Texas errors and omissions attorneys at Gauntt, Koen, Binney & Kidd, LLP, are recognized statewide for our success, not only in defending against these claims, but in providing guidance to help insurance agents, real estate agents, home inspectors, architects, engineers and other professionals avoid the claims altogether. Clients can turn to us for start-to-finish representation in these cases. We begin by responding to claims or demand letters, conducting investigations as necessary. If possible, we seek to resolve these disputes pre-litigation, through alternative dispute resolution techniques like mediation, or with a summary judgment. When needed, we are fully prepared to litigate and go to trial to protect the careers of our clients.

How To Avoid Errors And Omissions Claims

Even with our record of success, we believe that errors and omissions claims are best avoided. We offer seminars to insurance adjusters, realtors and other professionals who are frequently the target of these claims. In these seminars, we educate professionals about the proactive steps that can be taken on a daily basis to ensure that, for example, real estate brokers are not sued by buyers or sellers for failure to disclose a detail about the property. We believe that simple measures can prevent hundreds of thousands of dollars in claims.

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