Texas Insurance Law Firm

With decades of experience handling these matters, Gauntt, Koen, Binney & Kidd, LLP, is recognized as one of the leading insurance law firms in the state. We handle all matters related to insurance, including coverage opinions, as well as first- and third-party disputes. We assist with insurance subrogation, often proactively seeking opportunities during litigation.

While our insurance industry experience allows us to handle matters involving policies of all types, much of the work we do is related to business insurance policies: property insurance and liability insurance. Claims may involve damage to buildings, inventory or other assets. They may involve liability relating to professional malpractice, accidents, contracts and more.

Coverage Opinions

When questions arise as to whether an insurance policy covers a particular incident, the answer may not be black and white. We understand how to interpret policy language to determine whether coverage is required or not.

Insurance Disputes

From pre-litigation, to litigation, to appeals, we can handle insurance disputes through all phases. When a policyholder files a claim that is denied by the insurance provider, and then the policyholder alleges bad faith, we step in. As in all litigation, our goal is to pursue a resolution that is efficient and cost-effective, without losing sight of our client’s needs. Our Texas insurance attorneys are always prepared to try even the most complex cases.

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